It's Time To Clean The Aer

We're here to redefine sustainability in cosmetics. It's more than makeup; it is a revolutionary stride towards cleaner air and a cleaner earth.


Aer Cosmetics,

"Where quality meets sustainability."✨

Discover Aer Cosmetics' revolutionary Infinity Mascara Kit – a breakthrough in waste-free beauty. Our patent-pending dissolving mascara tablet and container duo offers an elongating, smudge-proof formula in an eco-friendly package. Refill your mascara with our vegan, cruelty-free, and organic tablets, using the dishwasher-safe container and water-based solution for a sustainable, sanitary makeup routine. Join us on the journey towards waste-free cosmetics and enjoy a lasting, customized mascara experience that enhances your lashes with every refill.

The Last Mascara You'll Ever Need

Our Dissolving Mascara Kit is a waste-free, reusable process that allows you to refill your makeup rather than buying a new unit each time. Our formula is sensitivity-free, smudge-proof, run-proof, vegan, and cruelty-free.

This unique process allows you to customize your formula outcome to your preference. We are bridging the gap between sustainability and quality, bringing together both a high-quality formula and sustainable process.

A mascara that works for everyone and anyone, sustainably creating your definition of beauty.


Clean The Aer

Aer embodies sustainability. We are industry leaders, innovating the way cosmetic businesses make products to stop the problem at the start - the overproduction and waste of plastic.

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