The Journey of Aer

Welcome to Aer Cosmetics, where beauty meets sustainability and passion fuels change!

I'm Paige, the proud founder and CEO, and I can't wait to share our inspiring journey with you.

Paige at just four years old smiling before a big dance performance at Macy's store in Philadelphia. Photo credit to Carol VanAuken.

Picture this:

A world where cosmetics not only make you look and feel incredible but also has a positive impact on the environment. A world where each stroke of your favorite mascara brings a smile not only to your face but also to Mother Nature's. This is the vision that led me on a remarkable path to create Aer Cosmetics.

The story of how I created Aer starts in the competitive dance scene. This sport gave me experience with cosmetics at just 8 years old. As a dancer for over 19 years, I am no stranger to a full glam or subtle makeup look. Throughout those years as a dancer, I traveled around the country competing, taking home regional and national titles. I began teaching dance part-time at age 14, and over the pandemic, I was recognized for my teaching online, accumulating over 300,000 followers within just a few months.

Paige applying mascara at just 8 years old before a big competition. Photo credit to Nicole DeAngelo.

Because of my early start in dance, I learned how to put on fake eyelashes before I knew how to drive! I was always following the latest makeup trends by watching my favorite makeup influencers on YouTube, such as James Charles, Tati Westbrook, and Nikki Tutorials. However, my perception of the art took a turn in 2020 when I discovered how harmful cosmetics were to the environment.

After starting my studies in meteorology, as well as reporting on sustainability for Drexel’s TV show “Inside Ambition,” I became hyper-aware of the everyday waste I was polluting. Specifically, I noticed a large portion of the waste came from my makeup. In 2020, I concluded that every year, I would go through three to five mascara units. Considering how long I had been wearing mascara, I estimated that I had thrown out at least 40-65 in my lifetime. As a sustainability activist, I knew I could not morally pursue makeup if there was no alternative, so I created my own.

Paige and her Grandfather, Popou, slow dancing at her aunt's wedding. Photo credit to Lauren DeAngelo.

My entrepreneurial skills did not come without help; they were instilled by my grandfather, whom I referred to as "Popou.” My Popou was an inventor and entrepreneur his entire life. Coming from a family of Italian immigrants, he used these skills to survive.

I founded Aer Cosmetics with my Popou in the Summer of 2021. Popou instilled the meaning of peace and entrepreneurship in my life, and the original logo, an olive branch, was created by him. Aer was founded with the goal of bringing peace to this world. The company was born out of my love and knowledge of innovation, entrepreneurship, cosmetics, and sustainability.

Aer is dedicated in loving memory to my grandfather, a World War II veteran who passed away on Veterans Day of 2022, leaving me with fuel to bring peace to this world in his honor. This is why I am dedicating myself to cleaning the air, with Aer Cosmetics.

Paige posing with her arms crossed against a white wall. Photo credit to Jose Moreno

Today, as a full-time entrepreneur and student at Drexel University, I'm dedicated to honoring my Popou's legacy by making a positive impact on the environment. Aer Cosmetics' first innovation, The Dissolving Mascara Tablet, is a testament to this commitment. From developing the eco-friendly formula to engineering the patent-pending reusable container, I took on the challenge with relentless determination and a desire to pave the way for a greener beauty industry.

But Aer Cosmetics is more than just a business; it's a resource for those seeking sustainable solutions. As I navigate my own path to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, I want to share this journey with you through our blog, "Cleaning the Aer." Whether you're interested in sustainability, entrepreneurship, or both, this blog will offer valuable insights and inspiration. I created this blog for those like me who just need a resource to figure it out. I found mine, and now I feel inspired to share that journey with you all.

Although I am a full-time student, I continue to invest in my passions. The company's first innovation, The Dissolving Mascara Tablet, is a product of my vision. I invented the formula of the tablet, CAD engineered the patent-pending reusable and washable container, and created the business with little to no experience, just a drive and a mission to figure it out.

Join us "Into the Aer"

Together, let's embrace the beauty of sustainability and ignite positive change for our planet. With Aer Cosmetics, every stroke of your mascara becomes a brushstroke of hope for a brighter, greener future.

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