Making Sustainability Beautiful: A Makeup Artist's Mission for Eco-Friendly Cosmetics

Making Sustainability Beautiful: A Makeup Artist's Mission for Eco-Friendly Cosmetics

Photo via Gina Brown

At Aer Cosmetics, we are dedicated to our mission to create a more sustainable cosmetic future, which is why we like to highlight pioneers in the industry on our blog. As consumers become more aware of the impact of their choices on the environment, the beauty industry is also making strides toward sustainability. One makeup artist who is making an impact in this area is Gina Brown, a professional freelance makeup artist who has been taking action toward cosmetic sustainability in her work. 


Gina Brown is the owner of Makeup By Gina Marie, a company that provides on-site makeup services, specializing in bridal makeup in the tri-state area. Constantly working with cosmetics, Gina sees firsthand the harmful waste that comes from the practice. Lately, more than ever, Gina has noticed a push in the need to use sustainable and clean makeup for her clients. The gridlock she finds herself in is choosing between sustainability and quality.


Gina knows that it's difficult to be perfect in sustainable cosmetics, but finding ways she could reduce her impact on the planet has become a part of her priorities. She believes the impact should be tackled starting with regulations, as most companies will not bother making a change until it's enforced. “We need to start implementing more laws and regulations on the types of chemicals and products that you can put onto your skin. After all, it is your biggest organ, it is so important that people understand the impact your cosmetic formula has on your health.”


As regulations can be a lengthy process to enforce, in the meantime, she focuses on minor shifts in her cosmetic practices that are more sustainable, practices that any artist could implement in their routine. One example is her shift away from using makeup wipes; she has instead switched over to cotton wipes with a moisturizing or exfoliating toner because they are smaller and she can even out the pH better by using a toner she likes. Not only are makeup wipes harmful and tedious to decompose, but they also contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your skin.


More and more over the last year specifically, Gina has noticed a rise in the push from her clients to use clean and sustainable products for their services. Gina was already ahead of this demand, as she has been attempting to make more eco-conscious cosmetic choices for years now. However, even with her knowledge of sustainable cosmetic options, she still struggles to find products that are quality and consistent enough to match her level of skill and work.


“As far as makeup in general, I would love to offer sustainable products with as least chemicals as possible, but as an artist, I have to choose what's going to make the client look good at the end of the day. That is where the issue is, the most sustainable formulas and brands aren’t delivering in quality.”  Sustainable cosmetics typically take more time to find, cost more to replace, and do not deliver as well as mainstream formulas. This is a constant battle for makeup artists, who are constantly needing to refill their products and provide for their clients. Gina hopes that brands will begin to create more quality cosmetics that are better for our environment, but for now, she is focusing on what she can personally change in her routine that leaves less of an impact. By implementing these changes, she also hopes to inspire and educate her clients on the importance of and possibility of sustainable makeup consumption. 


With the movement gaining momentum in the industry, we applaud artists like Gina that are making the changes within their routine to best serve their clients, and best serve our planet. To learn more about Gina and her services, you can visit her website at


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