Exploring Sustainability: An Interview with a Student Championing Environmental Change

Exploring Sustainability: An Interview with a Student Championing Environmental Change

Photo by Paige DeAngelo

At Aer Cosmetics, we applaud the eco-conscious efforts that are making a difference in our environment. It is part of our mission to share stories of young adults that are dedicating their time to create a better future, and emphasize the importance of sustainable responsibility. 

At a time when the health of our planet is a growing concern, one student is taking action to make a difference. Meet Jake Peters, a passionate environmental science and sustainability major at Drexel University.

Peters’ interest in the environment began at a young age, his love for nature is something he has always remembered being a part of his life. When it came time to choose a major, the decision was not difficult. “Growing up, I was always hiking and walking with my grandmother and such and I thought it would be a good opportunity, especially with the current state of climate change.” 

As an environmental science and sustainability major, Peters has taken classes on a wide range of courses such as environmental sociology and environmental politics. Peters is even applying what he has learned in his studies in the field, securing an internship as an Energy Engineer and Sustainability Consultant with the Green Building, which is an energy efficiency consulting firm. 

Peters is committed to creating a more sustainable future for us all. He volunteers for Friends of Wissahickon, a non-profit organization that helps maintain a large park and promotes the well-being of its wildlife and visitors. Through his volunteer work, Jake helps clean and fix trails, and removes invasive species. In addition, Jake is also working on class projects that focus on reducing plastic waste and finding ways to address the issue of plastic litter in low-income communities. Through his dedication and hard work, Jake is making a difference in his community and striving towards a more sustainable future.


He would love to eventually work in the field of forest restoration and preservation, but also expressed his concern for environmental politics. “I think politics are important, because we have a lot of facts, and a lot of data supporting the real effects of climate change. But it's, you know, if that can't be implemented through policy, it doesn't matter.”


As our planet faces growing threats from climate change and environmental degradation, students like Jake are leading the way in finding solutions. With their knowledge and passion, they have the power to make a difference and create a brighter future for us all.

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